I am a twenty something girl. There are absolutely two things that my psychologist says makes me smile and helps me lift the veil I have – My passion for Studies and Writing. Maybe there are other things too and I am yet to figure them out, if any.

And I truly believe that “What” and “Ifs” are two as non threatening words in English as “you” and “me” until put together. And once when put together they have the power to alter the existing reality pushing your wits off your limits to wander at situations that could have happened – What if You and Me ….

Well, you can add anything you like behind it and it still does not make it real, it is a construct, it will forever be a construct- a hypothetical situation, circumstance that your tricky otherwise rational mind tricks you into believing for that fraction of second. And the consequence is nothing but devastating.

This blog is not a beautiful sunset over the horizon and couple holding hands while dreaming insistently but rather it is sleepless A.M thoughts silenced by the chaos of the world otherwise. It is that fall of a feather with a loud thud in the middle of a night and gunshot wounds covered by band aids.

Stick to it, if you wish to. If not … well what can i say? I hope you have an amazing life’s endeavor.

xoxo ©



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