Hurt a little less, please?

Photo Courtesy: Whi

It hurts to breathe. It hurts to smile. It hurts to exist. It hurts to survive. It hurts all the more to leave behind and move on because escaping is not the way of life that i like to think of as an option. Sometimes it hurts so much that the only way to survive merely is done through that one sharp intake of breath in between all those soul shaking sobs. The part that anatomically platforms itself as the rib cage exponentially feels heavy with a pressure unsurmountable to the feeble heart that the ribcage will all its aesthetic curviness cages it. I wish this heaviness would settle in. I wish it would make peace with me. I wish for it to dissolve, to fade away, to dismiss itself because i am trying extremely hard to be inattentive towards it. On second thoughts, should i let it sink in? Should i be friends with it so that it would not bother me anymore? Should i finally give it all the attention that it craves so that it finally settles down and smiles for me?

Too much to expect? Yeah, i thought so too. Sadly! Have you every felt something like this? How do you cure it, if at all?


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